Bob's Wall of Vibrating Darkness?

Waining Demon from The Gather Mist?

Once upon a time, a prince was sleeping, when the thief came and fell in love with them. But they still visited from time to time. (?)

This is silly...


Create silly spell names, stories, and fantasy names with the Silly Phrase Generator. It uses a custom scripting language, Silly Script. So it is completely customizable and expandable, although the language is still pretty limited at this point. The zip file includes an interpreter, three instructional Silly Scripts and the cheesy spell name Silly Script. Other Scripts, which may be updated from time to time, may be downloaded at your leisure.

How's it work?

The program pretty much stopped here, which was a beta version, it does the example scripts OK but there are probably still a few bugs lurking. Please report any you find, but check below to be sure they haven't been found already.

Known bugs

If you place a {Format} on a line by itself, the end-of-line for that line gets processed under {Format} rules, which could result in an unwanted carrige return. Also, as far as putting keywords in {Format} blocks, don't, just don't, it's messy.
The automatic buffer flush on {Define} (and {Main}) sends the line to the new rule, not the old.
If end-of-file was encountered while in {Format} mode and inside a literal quotation, the last item will not get entered.
The empty rule name, [], is a valid name.


This version is dynamically linked to MFC. What that means is that if you don't turn up anything doing find files or folders for mfc40*.dll, it won't work. If not, try searching the web. Static linking increases the size by about 9 times!

Other Silly Scripts: