'Justin the Wise' enters a flooded room.


A while ago I wrote this game called simply 'The Dungeon game' where you wander around ever-changing dungeons hacking at things. I've become a better programmer (and game designer) since, but have had constant problems that have prevented me from doing much of anything else, and I lost the source code in some disk problems a while back, so can't update it. Anyway, if you have an IBM compatible with a color monitor (and thats about it, I never got around to trying it on our old 086, but it just might work) you can try it out.

Known Bugs:

(Sorry, can't fix them. I lost part of the source code and it is ancient history for my programming ability, so I would just as soon re-write it, and I might in fact do a much improved sequel someday.)

Exiting at the password screen is inelegant.
Viewing a character from the pause screen when the slot is not taken causes a cursor to be come visible.
Sometimes squares near the center do not get erased properly.
The zip file was bad. It has been replaced (9/22/97)
The mailing address in the game is wrong. A current address should always be availiable on this site.


(Partial) Source Code.